Review of Flash Game: Running Men

This game is definitely not for the faint of heart cool math games run. Play as a manager in training to “help/force” your “workers/guinea pigs” to “survive/obey.” Without guidance, the yellow suited, brainwashed employees will fall to their grisly deaths with a chilling scream. Although, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because these men are mindlessly obeying the managers every word, or single word, “RUN.” Only a few employees totally refuse to mindlessly obey, but the upper management deals harshly with those who insist on thinking for themselves. Basically, the player is able to spend some time in the corporate world where no is allowed to think besides the managers and these managers have a cult like control over their employees. It is time to learn how to use this mind control.

The object of the game is to get the workers from door A to door B without killing them. In essence its a clone of the old lemmings games from the Amiga. To succeed the player must adjust the platforms so that the worker will run over or bounce over any holes, saws, and other obstacles to get onto the next platform. This sounds simple enough, but this puzzle game is actually quite challenging. The first few levels aren’t too mentally taxing, but it gets progressively harder. By the time the manager in training is guiding the workers through the last level, there are sure to be a hundred or so that didn’t make it. There is an infinite amount of lives, so it’s alright to lose a couple hundred men in training. What makes the game so challenging is that there are multiple different kinds of platforms. Some of them slide to the left to right, while others have to be pulled out right before the worker runs across it or else the platform retract back into the wall and the worker will fall.

The only really negative thing about the game is the music, which doesn’t change throughout the eighteen levels. It is repetitive, much like the mindless workers task which can be classed as consistent and neat, but it can lull the player to sleep. Another minor annoyance is that the player cannot make the worker stop running or slow him down. This is a problem in the levels with the moving saws. Sometimes it is impossible for the worker not to die. No careful timing can save him from a rotating saw.